Need Assessments and Evaluation:


We help the Organization and Institution with finding the Issues hindering its growth by doing the gap analysis and need assessment. We offer also the Feasibility studies and Evaluation of the organization and its team. This helps the organization and NICE to come up with the actual training package.

NICE  instructional designer should work on answering the following five questions during the needs analysis process:

  1. Why? – Why is the learning being requested? What issue or problem does it need to address?
  2. Who? – Who is requesting the learning? Who will the learning be targeted at?
  3. How? – How can the issue or problem be addressed?
  4. What? – What is the best way to address the issue or problem? What learning format should be used (online, instructor-led, etc.)? What else, if anything, should be considered?
  5. When? – When does the learning need to occur? What are the timeframes in which it will take place?