The prime objective of NICE Advisory function is to assist Third Sectors Initiatives, in developing their Internal Capacity and mentoring substitutes by sharing our international expertise and research. We provide advisory services in all the key areas of Education, Civil Societies and Organizations Development, Youth Empowerment and Social Entrepreneurship:

  • EDUCATIONAL EMPOWERMENT -  We Support and provide the best and advanced Model  for the 21st Educational Development by Teachers and staff Trainings, institutions, Management and stakeholders capacity buildings and best Model Development
  • CSOs  EMPOWERMENTS: We have dedicated knowledgeable team in various key issues for INGO, NGOs,CBO and FBOs Development and capacity Building: we help them with Consultancy on systems, frameworks and building the Management capacity for CSO
  • YOUTH EMPOWERMENT :  NICE have a devoted coaches, trainers and mentors specifically for youth programs we use them for Mentoring and coaching for youths in and out of schools to be the drivers for change and to  empower the community for development
  • SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP:  Communities and Organization are facing challenges we Research, Design and Train the Community on the social Enterprises development.